Tuesday Tidbit – Setting up a recruitment agency? Consult the experts at TBOS

This week we spoke to a new start up recruitment agency who were looking to provide permanent staff into the finance industry.  At the meeting we discussed various aspects of running your own recruitment agency and they brought up the issue of contracts.  We explained that it is vital for them to ensure that clients sign comprehensive Terms and Conditions for each placement to avoid any contract complications later on.  We also made a recommendation that to ensure that clients pay on time that they insert a clause that if there is a rebate period within the contract that it becomes null and void if the invoice is paid outside of the terms.

The Directors were thankful for that advice as they said that in previous experiences at their last agency that getting money from some clients had been difficult and this clause would help.

If you would like help and advice on how to set up your own recruitment agency and how to avoid the pitfalls of contract disputes, contact TBOS today on 0845 8811 112, or contact us through our website form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.