Tuesday Tidbit – Agency save £15k by outsourcing their accounts department

Tuesday Tidbit – Agency save £15k by outsourcing their accounts department


AccountingThis week we had an enquiry from a recruitment agency who were not happy with their current Pay-And-Bill provider. Every week, for most part of Monday and some of Tuesday they were setting up new candidates, clients and placements plus chasing and entering timesheets onto an online portal, this meant the agency were not making many sales calls which was consequently affecting their profits.

They also found that if a candidate was late in submitting their timesheet due to an issue at the client’s end then they were being charged an additional fee to process and pay the candidate.

TBOS offered their services as the recruitment agency’s complete accounts department. TBOS explained that all timesheets come directly into our inbox, we process all the invoices and chase missing timesheets, process the payroll based on the timings set by the agency not us.

We also did a price comparison to get the agency their own invoice finance arrangement and use TBOS services and there was a £15k a year saving plus the additional fees they would generate by recruiting on a Monday and Tuesday.

Do you want to see how we can streamline your accounting processes and maybe outsource some of the work to our expert team at TBOS? Contact us today on 0845 8811 112 for a no-obligation chat, alternatively complete our contact form and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.