'Our average debtor days moved from 80 days to 30 days within a few months of joining TBOS. Exceptional work by all concerned.'

“In December 2018 we decided to outsource our Finance function to a 3rd party. After conducting our due diligence across 3 providers we settled on TBOS. To date TBOS and the team have been fantastic and have completely turned our finance function around. They took on a difficult project when we joined them – incorrectly reconciled transactions, missing invoices and our credit control was simply out of control. In a very short time frame TBOS had managed to “unpick” our reconciliation issues, ensured our invoicing was completed on time and primarily our credit control was brought under control resulting in our average debtor days moving from 80 days to 30 days – exceptional work by all concerned.

By outsourcing we have made not only a significant reduction in costs but now the directors can concentrate on the business and its strategic plans moving forward knowing our finance side is under complete control which we can monitor with regular forecasts and reporting.


I cannot recommend TBOS enough – the time, cost saving and “head space” we now have back is immeasurable and we now look forward to the next growth phase for our business in conjunction with TBOS.”

Written by James Gunning,

Managing Director of TechNet IT Digital - 2022-10-10T145848.767

LAWRENCE RECRUITMENT - 2022-10-10T150215.955

'TBOS have become an integral partner to our business.'

'We’ve used TBOS since our inception as it allows us to focus the majority of our time on billing whilst removing the distraction of back office administration.

They’ve become an integral partner to our business and communicate very well and very often with us. It’s a slick operation suitable to a both new agencies and established ones.

We look forward to working with you guys for the foreseeable future.'

Written by Sam Lawrence,

Director of Lawrence Recruitment 



'From the outset working with TBOS I found every team member to be highly professional.'

'From the outset working with TBOS I found every team member to be highly professional.  As a new entrant to the contract recruitment space there were many aspects of the business I needed to understand better. Someone at TBOS would always have the information and be available to help.

Additionally, when a particular placement had a lot of time pressure, one TBOS staff member prioritised working through contracts ahead of her other work, if she hadn't of done so, it would have been impossible to make the placement without disappointing both candidate and the client with a delayed start date.  This was well beyond what could be reasonably expected.

All of this and also they are not expensive relative to some competing firms.

Brilliant company.'

Testimonial written by Chris Wall,

Director of Gresham Search - 2022-10-10T151408.441


'TBOS who support the back office of Gorilla have yet again gone the extra mile.' - 2022-10-10T151049.469

In a commercial world where chocolate bars are getting smaller yet are being charged at a higher price, and where the value of being a customer seems to have been devalued and the "computer says no" is too often a response, there are exceptions. People are often first to complain about bad service received yet last to compliment on good service had, how refreshing then that TBOS who support the back office of Gorilla have yet again gone the extra mile.

Thank you Roxy Ungureanu and in fact the whole TBOS team ( finance especially ) for often going the extra mile!

If you're thinking of outsourcing in a way that still benefits those clients and candidates whilst those you engage with never being able to notice you've outsourced, get in touch with the guys at TBOS , TRUST ME!'

Testimonial written by Dean Harrison,

Director of Gorilla ERP - 2022-10-10T150957.107


'The TBOS team really know their stuff, they're always up to date on legislation ensuring my company stays compliant.'

'Michael first approach TBOS when he left his previous agency to set up his own recruitment business. He got off to a phenomenal start with a growing contractor book from the very beginning. This is his success story...

'TBOS have been a great asset to my agency. Stewart (Commercial Director) arranged and supported the set up of my Invoice Finance facility, and accompanied me to the set up meetings to make sure I wasn’t being swindled on the price or agreed terms.

With that said, the team always go the extra mile to ensure the smooth running of my contractor payroll, and are always on the end of the phone to answer any questions I or my candidates may have. The team really know their stuff and are constantly ensuring that my agency remains compliant, especially if there are legislation changes.  It’s great to have my entire back-office and finance sector under one roof, and they have taken the burden of financial and statutory administration away from me, which has meant I can focus on growing my agency and making placements. '

Testimonial written by Michael Wigington,

Founding Director of

CAMHS Professionals - 2022-10-10T151330.569 - 2022-10-10T151252.045


'Having TBOS manage our accounts and back office has meant that we have been able to effectively develop and grow Global Resourcing.' - 2022-10-10T151939.286

“We have used TBOS for over 10 years and have never looked back. Outsourcing our entire back office and accounts function has meant that we can concentrate on business growth and development. They expertly handle our large contractor book, as well as managing the internal payroll for our constantly expanding team.

Having TBOS manage our accounts and back office has meant that we have been able to effectively develop and grow Global Resourcing. The team are very experienced, knowledgeable and always happy to help. “

Group CEO of Global Resourcing Group - 2022-10-10T151905.954



Oakwood didn’t want to set up their own invoice finance facility, and didn’t want the burden of contractual administration. By using both of our services, they have been able to solely focus on billing and growing their business. “As well as using the TBOS Complete service to run our back office and accounts, we also run our contractors through TBOS Freedom. Using both models side by side means that we have it all under one roof and this has proven to be a seamless operation. TBOS Freedom means that we haven’t had to worry about cashflow or paperwork when it comes to making contract placements, meaning we can channel all of our energies into growing our agency. TBOS are a great bunch of experienced, friendly people and we would always recommend them to other recruitment businesses.”


'TBOS Freedom has been a brilliant scheme to run our contractors through.' - 2022-10-10T152439.172

'TBOS Freedom has been a brilliant scheme to run our contractors through.

As we make a large volume of mostly international placements, we aren’t able to have our own UK Invoice Finance facility due to the funding restrictions we would be under. Using TBOS Freedom has allowed us to fund our contractors working in several different countries, and make payment in several different currencies – they have even opened new currency bank accounts where necessary in order to facilitate this.

Most recently, they created a YEN bank account and had their contracts professionally translated into Japanese in order to help us a secure a placement.

It has been the best solution for our agency and they really do go the extra mile.'

Testimonial written by Jamie Fraser,

Director of Interex Group - 2022-10-10T152403.891


'As a predominantly permanent agency, our contract turnover was too small to warrant our invoice finance arrangement, which is where TBOS Freedom comes in.'

'We use TBOS Freedom to run our temps through and it has been a great help for our  recruitment agency.

As a predominantly permanent business, our contract turnover was too small to warrant our own Invoice Finance arrangement. We also didn’t want to take the cash-flow hit of funding our own temps so this is where TBOS Freedom comes in. TBOS have allowed us to run several temps over the years without impacting our own bank account, and this has been perfect for us. The team are friendly and reliable and we would highly recommend their solution to anyone in the industry.

We also use the TBOS Complete service, whereby the TBOS team run both our temp payroll and our entire back office, this works really well for us as an agency. '

Written by Ian Hardy,

Director of Onyx Recruitment - 2022-10-10T152645.910 - 2022-10-10T152617.237

ASSET RESOURCING - 2022-10-10T152856.725

'TBOS takes care of the contract paperwork and compliance, giving us the time and freedom to make even more placements!'

Asset Resourcing had a costly Invoice Finance arrangement that wasn’t suitable for their business needs. They use the TBOS Complete service to run their full back office, as well as TBOS Freedom to fund and process their contract placements.

'TBOS Freedom has been a great solution for us in terms of funding our contractors. Not only do we not have to dip into our own pockets to pay the contractors, TBOS also takes care of the contract paperwork and compliance, giving us the time and freedom to make even more placements! A great service that has proven to be a valuable asset to the company.'

Testimonial written by Ben Sweeting

Director of Asset Resourcing 

ENVISION EDUCATION - 2022-10-10T154124.699

Envision Education – When starting his own agency, Balraj wanted the freedom to be able to make placement after placement, without having to pencil in time for finance and administration tasks; TBOS Complete gave him opportunity to do this. “
The team at TBOS have been an important part of Envision Education since the beginning. Having them manage the finance and invoicing side of things has allowed our contractor books to grow and our agency to thrive. We have achieved outstanding sales results since starting the agency, and TBOS has allowed us to do this by taking timely administration tasks away from us. They are a friendly bunch and deliver a great standard of service. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone in the recruitment sector. “

RADIOLOGY PEOPLE - 2022-10-10T154258.087

Radiology People – Mike’s first choice for his back office and agency set up was TBOS, as he had worked with Stewart at a previous company and knew he was the right person to go to.
TBOS are a great, devoted team and I wouldn’t want anyone else looking after the back office for my agency. They managed the set up process of my Invoice Finance facility, and manage the day-to-day runnings of this and the other accounting needs for the business. As a fairly new agency, I didn’t want to have to spend the time doing financial administration or chasing my clients for payments, I wanted to be able to spend my time building client relationships and making placements – TBOS allowed me to do this. They manage all of my invoicing, bank payments, contractor payments, credit control and any queries that come their way. I also don’t have to worry about submitting anything for my business to HMRC as TBOS manages this too. I can spend my time making placements and building my agency, without having to worry about the financial and processing side of things. Stewart and the team do a fantastic job. “



Carrot Pharma run a growing contractor book, as well as billing a large number of permanent placements on a monthly basis. They have a large internal team and outsourcing has been a no-brainer for them. 

 “We’ve worked alongside TBOS for almost 5 years now, and as a service provider they have been invaluable. They handle all of our invoicing for both our perm and contractor placements, credit control, supplier payments and accounting needs. TBOS also manages our statutory compliance, making sure that we’ve dotted all of our I’s and crossed all of our T’s with HMRC. We also get regular reporting about our cashflow, meaning we can make well informed business decisions. They send us monthly management accounts as well, which is instrumental in us being able to keep an eye on how our business is performing, without doing all of the leg work. With TBOS handling all of our accounting and back office needs, we have been able to spend our time where it is needed – growing and developing our agency.  Stewart is also on hand for business development advice that will benefit your agency; this was demonstrated through his recommendation that we consolidate 3 companies into 1, providing a better financial future for our company. We couldn’t recommend TBOS highly enough if you’re looking for a dedicated, professional team to run your back office. “

WILLIAM BLAKE GROUP - 2022-10-10T154647.566

William Blake Group – The William Blake Group have seen great company growth whilst being with TBOS.
We were recommended TBOS and Stewart from a contact in the Recruitment Industry who has previously used their services. From meeting with Stewart/TBOS a few months before we set up to this day – 3 and a half years later – TBOS have been a fantastic partner of our business. We make use of most of TBOS’s services, from managing all of our accounting, payroll, financing and credit control and they have delivered it with a focus on attention to detail and thoroughness and always within a timely manner. Stewart and his team have also been always been there to offer advice and support when needed and make themselves available whenever you need them. By working with TBOS it has enabled us to focus solely on the 2 most important areas of growing a business – revenue and headcount. Without TBOS’s support I have no doubt that as a business we would not have seen the same growth that we have seen. I would have no hesitation recommending TBOS to anyone who either wants to start up a recruitment business or wants to improve their back office and accounting functions and process.



PDM Recruitment Consultancy – Darren had a bad experience with a previous factoring arrangement and didn’t want to spend his sorting contracts for various placements, both UK and international. TBOS Freedom has been the perfect aid for this. “I’ve been a client of TBOS for more than 5 years now, and can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I use both services offered and this has proved to be a winning formula for my agency, giving me the time and freedom to focus on making placements and growing my business. I’ve got several long term international contractors running through TBOS Freedom, which is a great solution that keeps my cashflow strong. I moved away from my own arrangement with Bibby Financial Services and haven’t looked back since. Stewart and the team are friendly and dedicated, making our partnership an easy choice.”

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