Invoice Production and Management

Invoice Production and Management

Prompt billing for faster payment. It’s simple.

It’s not uncommon for recruitment agency people to put client service before invoicing. After all, your service reputation depends on it, but it could be at the expense of healthy cashflow. If you don’t bill promptly, you won’t get paid as quickly as you could.

With TBOS you can avoid this pitfall altogether. Submit your timesheets or pre-agreed sales forms to us by 3pm. We’ll check them for accuracy and authorisation and, if in order, bill them same day or in keeping with your invoicing schedule. Invoices are issued on your stationery – so no-one will know you use a third party.

Missing timesheets or unsigned timesheets can easily delay your invoices, but our polite, professional staff will minimise those delays by raising issues direct with your contractors and clients. It’s one less thing for you and your team to worry about, leaving you free to focus on service.

Our system posts invoices automatically to your accounts system for up to the minute management reporting – and we can forward them to your external invoice finance provider where required. Before doing so we check your balances and will only draw on invoice finance when needed, thereby cutting your interest charges.

Don’t tie yourself up in red tape. Wrap yourself in glory by outsourcing your timesheet management to us.

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