TBOS Freedom

The TBOS Freedom Calculator demonstrates the transparency of the offering by showing the pricing on individual placements.

As our TBOS Freedom model works on a fixed pricing structure instead of being based on a per deal basis or a percentage of turnover fee structure, we have provided a free online profit calculator to figure out how much profit you could make by using the model to fund and administer your contractor placement.

TBOS – Profit Calculator

The Profit Calculator is based on a UK GBP placement where the client is VAT registered and the candidate is being paid to a limited/umbrella company so therefore VAT has been added to the invoice values to the client and candidate. The weekly figures are based on a 5 day week and the monthly figures are based on 21.67 days per month (260 working days divided by 12 months). The interest calculation is based on 3.5% above the Bank of England Base rate of 0.75%.

If the placement is in Currency or International based (outside of the UK) then the weekly TBOS Freedom fees increase from £35 per week per contractor to £45 per week per contractor. However the amounts charged for factoring charge and interest should be lower due to international clients would not be charged VAT on the client invoice and the candidate potentially could be using an International umbrella/limited company so not VAT would be due.

For a more detailed explanation of our fees or if you would like a quotation based on an international/currency placement then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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