TBOS Freedom is priced to ensure that recruiters receive the most amount of profit on their contract placements as possible

The TBOS Freedom model fee structure works differently to most of the other Pay-And-Bill providers in our industry as our fees are not fully calculated on a percentage of the invoices raised as we work on a three-tiered pricing structure.

The three elements of the fee structure are as follows:

  • Weekly Administration Fee of £35 per week per contractor for UK Sterling Placements or £45 per week per contractor for Currency and/or International Placements
  • Service Charge of 1.5% based on the invoice value of the invoice (including VAT if applicable)
  • Interest Charge of 3.5% above the Bank of England Base rate on funds borrowed. This is calculated on a daily rate from the day TBOS pays the contractor till the day the client pays the invoice.

There are no set up charges, no charges for the credit checks or contract production and our fees are only taken from the profit element once the client has made payment.

The only other charges are for international payments to contractors which are £25 per transfer and if you require a same day transfer to a contractor or for your profit which is £15 per transfer.

This fee structure means that the charge and pay rates of the contract placement will have an impact on the fees charged for each placement.

We provide a Profit Calculator on our website for agencies to input their own charge and pay rates to see how our fees and charges have an impact on the profitability of the deal so anyone can do a direct comparison between us and other providers.

TBOS – Profit Calculator

  • More Time to Focus on Recruiting and Growing Your Business

  • Improved Cash Flow and Greater Profitability

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  • Reduced Expenditure on Staff, Technology and Office Costs

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