TARGC – Sam wouldn’t have been able to finance the high level of international contractors that he has been placing, not to mention the volumes of paperwork and legal compliance that would have been involved in creating these contractors. This is where TBOS Freedom worked well.  “I had a large demand from my client based in Austria, asking for over 20 contractors for a long term project. TBOS Freedom provided the perfect solution that enabled me to run this contract. They managed the contracts and payroll for all of the contractors, as well as ensuring that both my contractors and my agency remained compliant with Austrian working regulations; in terms of this, their knowledge has been invaluable. I would not have been able to run this through an invoice finance facility due to the high level of concentration on an entirely export debtor, but this wasn’t a problem with TBOS at all. Using the TBOS funding model means that I can win high level contracts like this and not have to worry about any funding restrictions. A great business solution set up by Stewart and the team.“