On The Internet, Everything Is Reviewed

On The Internet, Everything Is Reviewed

It used to be the case that to become a critic took a long time, with each one a distinct voice who’d earned their position of authority. Now, however, those few loud voices have been replaced by the ability of a website to collect ratings from anyone who wishes, presenting average scores, numbers of votes, and other statistics along with choice comments.

It happens in every field and it was inevitable, then, that sooner or later it would become a factor for businesses.

Websites like glassdoor.com and RateMyEmployer allow current and former staff the chance to weigh in on the business and the big names involved, with star ratings and short, anonymous assessments of the pros and cons of employment there.

None of these voices alone are loud, but the consensus becomes a roar – and because it’s served up with an average, the consensus immediately has the kind of credibility that many reviewers spend most of their career desperately scrabbling to get.

What Does This Mean for You?

You may be asking yourself why this matters to you, as a recruitment agency rather than a direct employer. Well, there are two immediate factors to take away from there.

Factor one is that it gives you another tool to sell some companies to prospective employees with, and an issue to compensate for should you carry out recruitment for a company with a low rating. Either of these is something to be aware of before approaching the potential employee, as they may well take the time to check.

Factor two – possibly the more important of the two – is that some of the people you refer will want to rate your service as well as their direct employer.

It’s vital at these times to watch your ratings carefully.

Watching Your Ratings: What Can You Do?

Obviously the ideal for people signing up to your service is that you swiftly find them gainful employment, and just as obviously, that’s also a victory for you, too. The better you do, therefore, the happier your ‘employees’ will be and the better your rating should become.

But just as important is to make sure that their payments, etc., come back in time. Nothing makes people more likely to leave a negative review than the belief they’ve lost out in any way, even if it’s just a day or so behind.

So one of the best ways to keep your ratings strong is to ensure that your back office runs smoothly and payments are well managed.