What Not to do at a Recruiter Awards Ceremony

What Not to do at a Recruiter Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies are an enjoyable night out, with plenty of opportunities to meet others in the industry, drink, relax and have a great, sociable occasion. If you’ve been nominated for an award, though, they can also be a time of great stress, and in the days and hours leading up to the awards ceremony, it’s easy to imagine all the sorts of things that might go wrong.

To make sure that you can focus on the fun, relaxing side of things, and help you make the difficult decisions, TBOS want to offer you a few do’s and don’ts for the awards ceremony, whether you’re a winner, a loser or a guest.


teddy-bear-567952_640Show Up in your Pyjamas

The Recruitment Awards event is black tie, of course, which means you’d look incredibly out of place if you forgot to prepare properly. With everything else that you may be feeling, it can be incredibly easy to forget simple things, like making sure to actually change into that fine tuxedo or fabulous dress, but do make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes before leaving the house. If you do win an award, it would be an incredible publicity hit to have to accept it in your pyjamas.


angry womenThrow a tantrum

It’s a sad fact of life that not everyone can be a winner. While it’s always a shame not to win an award, one of the biggest don’ts at an awards ceremony is don’t throw a tantrum if you don’t win. They may be your biggest competitors, an old friend or a new up-and-comer that you’ve never heard of before, but there’s nothing more embarrassing at a ceremony than bursting into a red-faced fit of rage because you didn’t get the award you think you deserved.

Not that we’ve ever seen someone go into a blind rage at an awards ceremony, but it’s always safe to give a reminder.


messy foodTalk with your mouth full

If you do get an award, then you have another big obstacle to face. The food and drink may be a wonderful part of the evening, but when you accept your award, it’s vital that you don’t say “thank you” with a mouth full of it. If you’re a stress eater, try to avoid putting anything in your mouth if there’s a chance you might need to go to the podium, and even if you can’t, at least make sure to swallow before accepting the award.


Pull a Kanye

For those who aren’t aware, Kanye has quite a few award show controversies, making him an excellent example of how it shouldn’t be done. Aside from a 2004 American Music Awards ceremony, where he stormed out after not winning (if only he’d had us to advise him), he also caused mass outrage during the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards by storming the stage and interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech. He almost repeated this performance in the 2015 Grammys, though managed to hold out until after the show.

If there is any good advice for how to act at an awards ceremony, it’s that you shouldn’t act like Kanye West.


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