The Advantages of Using TBOS as Your Back Office Solution

The Advantages of Using TBOS as Your Back Office Solution

As a recruitment agency, particularly as a small or start-up agency, you will have a lot of difficult choices to make regarding your back office. Do you manage it yourself, or at least handle it in house? Or do you outsource it for convenience? Of course we’ll recommend outsourcing your back office 9 times out of 10, but not just because it’s good for us. In each of those 9 occasions, there are a variety of advantages that you’ll gain by outsourcing your back office to TBOS, such as:


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A small recruitment agency will appreciate the amount of time spent on the seemingly endless tasks of invoicing, taxes, finances, wages and more, which are constantly distracting you from the real task at hand. Outsourcing your back office to TBOS is much like buying that time back, allowing you to spend it where you really want to – growing your business.


Likewise, relying on a single accountant to handle your back office is asking a lot, and that’s before considering holidays, sick leave and staff turnover. These are not concerns that come into play with TBOS, who can easily and efficiently manage your back office without you having to worry what might happen if someone gets ill. We always have someone ready to pick up the torch and carry on managing your accounts.



TBOS don’t just provide you with an advantage of time and backup staff, we also ensure that our staff members have access to software and equipment that allows them to do their job to the best of their ability, and to your best advantage. From book keeping and time sheet management to financial reporting, we offer you a quality of service that normally comes at extra cost, and helps you to access the time and information necessary to run your business as best as you can.


Formed in 1996, TBOS has almost two decades of experience in providing back office solutions, which means that whatever your circumstances are, we’re likely to have handled something similar before. We bring these many years of experience to bear for your benefit, so you won’t have to struggle to find solutions to your problems alone, and we’ll handle your back office accounts with full abilities of an expert.


TBOS’ reputation is more than just a sign of good practice. It also means that we are able to access back office solutions that aren’t available to many smaller recruitment agencies. The most common example of this is for Invoice Discounting services, which many providers won’t offer to smaller recruitment agencies until they have been using Invoice Factoring for some time. As a recognised and established business, these financial options are open to TBOS and therefore also open to our clients, meaning that we can help you access better funding options for your recruitment agency.

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