TBOS Becomes APSCo New Enterprise Affiliate

TBOS Becomes APSCo New Enterprise Affiliate


TBOS is pleased to announce that it has become the newest affiliate member of APSCo’s New Enterprise Programme.

The New Enterprise Programme has been developed by recruitment experts and APSCo specifically for SME recruitment businesses looking to achieve their next level of growth.

The programme incorporates many of the existing benefits that APSCo members receive such as access to business helplines, downloadable legal documents and numerous members meetings but it also includes specialist affiliates who can provide services and mentoring programs to start up and small recruitment businesses.

The New Enterprise programme also hopes to raise the standards within new start up recruitment agencies to provide a better quality service to clients and candidates across the industry.

Commercial Director, Stewart Roberts says “TBOS is looking forward to being part of the New Enterprise programme and to bring our many years of proven experience to the SME members of APSCo.  We are hoping that by offering our solution which is tailored to providing back office and accounting services to new and small recruitment businesses we can help APSCo achieve its goal of having quality, growing recruitment agencies in the industry.”

Ann Swain, APSCo Chief Executive commented: “APSCo is delighted to welcome TBOS Limited into its membership. All of our members have to commit to a strict Code of Conduct and a rigorous, independently verified, referencing process that means that APSCo is a trusted badge of quality for candidates and employers. It’s not easy to become an APSCo member and the fact that TBOS Limited embraced this process shows their commitment to excellence.”

Graeme Read, Head of New Enterprise Programme at APSCo says “I know many firms who continue to benefit from the back office support and associated services that TBOS offer recruitment SMEs and startups. The TBOS team have extensive knowledge, guidance and experience in the industry adding real value and insights to entrepreneurs allowing them to focus on growing and scaling their businesses which ensures new enterprises are one step ahead of the market, compliant and secure in the knowledge their back office is covered.”


For more details on the APSCo New Enterprise model please contact Graeme Read on 08458 997 388

For more details on how TBOS can help your recruitment agency with its back office and accountancy needs please contact enquiries@tbos.co.uk