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Discounted finance to over 170 countries

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Invoicing Uk & International

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Credit control & contract administrator

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Smooth transfer process

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Focus 100% on making placements

TBOS can help with your complete international placement requirements, be it for 1 contractor, 20 contractors or more.

We can provide competitive finance to over 170 countries, with our team managing the facility daily, including its complex currency invoicing. This means we have the ability to fund and process placements across Europe, Asia, Australia, America and even South Africa, managing a variety of time zones – so you don't have to.

A flexible Pay & Bill solution for every deal size!


As soon as you receive an opportunity, give our team a call.
TBOS will run the necessary credit checks, set up your currency bank accounts and negotiate your overseas finance to get the ball rolling on your new deal.

Then, once the deal has been finalised, it’s all systems go.

Our team will manage your timesheets, finance, invoicing, payments and credit control. We will also carefully manage the exchange rates to deter any currency losses over your placement.

This means you can focus on making more placements, leaving the complete administration to us.

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Pay as your Contractors’ work

  • Unlimited Credit Checks
  • Set Up Currency Bank Accounts
  • Tax Registrations
  • Overseas Finance & Management of Facility
  • Timesheet Management
  • Currency Invoicing
  • Credit Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Overseas Accountancy Advice

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