There are many good reasons for switching your current back-office operation.

  1. Your senior finance administrator has retired
  2. Your pay and bill company have increased their fees based on your turnover and it’s not financially suitable anymore
  3. Your accountant is doing the year-end accounts but not supplying any monthly management reporting to help you plan your cash-flow
  4. You’re spending a fair amount of time on managing timesheets, raising invoices and managing credit control
  5. Your current back-office provider cannot administer international placements or provide the invoice finance you need to pay your contractors

OR perhaps you are just fed up with your current back office solution and you are looking for something better and more cost-effective…

Well good news, you have come to the right place! TBOS holds over 10 years’ experience providing expert back-office solutions to the recruitment sector.

Whether your decision is based on cost or convenience, we have you covered. We offer two pricing models which cater to various agency needs, these are called TBOS Complete and TBOS Freedom. Each plan can be used for permanent agencies, contract agencies or agencies that have a hand in both.

What is included with TBOS pricing plans

TBOS are pleased to offer a fixed pricing structure which is perfect for agencies of all sizes, with zero discrimination on their annual turnover. With our Complete plan agencies receive a full accounts team under their brand name from as little as £250 a month, that’s £3000 a year!

The TBOS Accounts Team Manages…

For new start-ups or agencies placing contractors sporadically, our Freedom plan is more suitable. This plan works on a ‘Pay As Your Contractor Works’ fee structure, meaning agencies only pay their administration fee when their contractor works.