Are you a seasoned recruiter thinking of starting a recruitment agency? 

If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. TBOS thrives on helping new agencies get up and running, offering complete support up until you make your first placement and thereafter. We simply take care of all of the recruitment administration so you don’t have to, giving you more time to focus on the things you’re good at…

Finding and placing great talent for your clients.

How TBOS can help

With hundreds of new recruitment agencies set up under TBOS, we can ensure your recruitment business is set up efficiently and compliantly. With every new enquiry received Tbos will run through all of the elements of starting a new agency, discussing the type of agency you would like, be it permanent staffing, contractors or perhaps a bit of both. Then we will talk in detail about setting up the company with Companies House, setting up your business bank account, current rates on invoice finance and any other administration needed for your preferred type of agency.

starting an agency

When you are completely sure you are ready to start your own recruitment business, our team can get your company set up within 24 hours, ensuring all HMRC registrations are completed. We can then recommend and introduce you to preferred banks and suppliers of TBOS, all of which have been developed through strong and long-standing relationships from working with our clients.

Discover the different TBOS pricing plans

tbos complete and freedom models

Here at Tbos we offer two primary back-office solutions, Tbos Complete and Tbos Freedom. Each plan caters to different types of recruitment agency, selecting the right one for you depends on your specific requirements.

Tbos Complete

Tbos Complete is a comprehensive plan that provides a full back-office solution for new start-ups and it’s pretty cost-effective too. For £3000 a year (£250 a month), a new start-up agency receives an accounts team that manages timesheets, invoicing, credit control, candidate & client payments, invoice finance, telephone & email support on agency, client and candidate queries, monthly bookkeeping, VAT returns, statutory year-end reporting and much more.

TBOS Complete Pricing
£3000 Minimum Annual Fee …That’s cheaper than hiring a full-time administrator!

Tbos Freedom

The Freedom plan is perfect for:

  • new start-ups placing contractors only
  • Perm only agencies with an opportunity to make contract placements
  • new start-ups looking to start their invoice finance immediately with no long-term commitment
  • new start-ups making UK & International placements
  • new start-ups making placements sporadically

Freedom is ideal because of our ‘Pay As Your Contractor Works’ fee structure. For as little as £35 a week per contractor the agency receives an accounts team that manages timesheets, invoicing, credit control, candidate & client payments as well as their invoice finance.

TBOS Freedom Fees
£35 Per Week Per UK Contractor Worked
£45 Per Week Per International Contractor Worked
No set-up fees with no long-term commitment, just a 7 day notice period!

It’s favoured as a quick ‘starter’ plan as it operates under TBOS’ invoice finance arrangement which is fully credit insured for invoice and debtor funding. This means that the agency does not have to sign any personal guarantees or debentures in order to receive finance for their company. With Freedom, there are no set up fees and no long-term commitment, just a 7 day notice period. The TBOS fee is only taken at the end when the profits are distributed.