TBOS provide specialist recruitment invoice finance for new start-ups, contract agencies with single clients, directors with poor credit and much more…

It’s vital for any type of recruitment agency to pay their candidates correctly and on time, and having the correct invoice finance to facilitate this can be somewhat difficult without expert advice. That’s why it’s handy to know TBOS, we provide over four decades combined experience in the recruitment and finance sector, which means we know a thing or two about back-office solutions, especially the finance element.

Why do I need invoice finance?

The recruitment industry have always needed an invoice finance solution simply because contract placements rely on the agency to make payment to a candidate before they receive the funds from their client. Arranging recruitment invoice finance can be somewhat challenging due to the fierce competition of finance suppliers, each offering different terms, limitations and cost.

Invoice Discounting
Invoice discounting is a form of short-term borrowing against your outstanding invoices. This requires more work than invoice factoring as you are responsible for your own sales ledger, payment chasing and invoice processing.
Invoice Factoring
Invoice factoring is a form of short-term borrowing against your outstanding invoices. With this type of finance, your lender manages your sales ledger and manages all aspects of the credit control process, ensuring your clients pay on time.

What types of invoice finance are there?

There are two types of invoice finance, factoring and invoice discounting. TBOS can help you with setting up either choice of finance but it’s important to know their differences.

Many agencies also insure their debtor books which is an additional cost. For larger debtor books or for start-up agencies the cost can be significant.

What services do I require for my recruitment invoice finance?

It’s important that you select an invoice finance provider that offers the correct services required for your type of agency.

You may need invoice finance for permanent placements, contract placements or different currency finance. Whatever the case TBOS can help you select the correct invoice finance supplier for your needs.

Who TBOS can help…

Due to our many years in the business TBOS have developed strong relationships with both banks and invoice finance providers enabling us to negotiate the best rates for our clients. We are pleased to say we can help agencies at any turnover level to secure the funding they need to succeed. That means we can help:

  • New start-up  recruitment agencies looking for their first invoice finance arrangement
  • Permanent recruitment agencies looking for funding on their permanent placements
  • Permanent recruitment agencies looking for funding on their first contract placement
  • Existing contract recruitment agencies looking to review their existing arrangements

TBOS Benefits
90% funding on contract placements and 65% on permanent placements

Funding in over 200 countries and within 15 different currencies

Finance with minimal set-up fees

Please note: This is a no-obligation service offered by TBOS. We will help you find the correct invoice finance without the need to sign-up to our pricing models.

If you would like to discuss recruitment invoice finance in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us today on 03455046333, alternative you can email enquiries@tbos.co.uk

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