Preferential Invoice Finance Rates

Invoice Finance is used by recruitment agencies to provide the funds to pay temps/contractors before the client makes payment on their invoices.

As part of our TBOS Complete solution, our staff manage the day-to-day running of the invoice finance arrangements for our recruitment agency clients.

Using the relationships with our panel of invoice finance lenders, TBOS can secure our clients their own invoice finance arrangements at preferential rates that are often much cheaper than going direct to the market.

Recruitment Finance Guide

“Cheapest Invoice Finance Deal for Recruitment Agencies”

Using our 11+ years’ experience to set up over 75 invoice finance arrangements for our recruitment agency clients, TBOS has managed to secure one of the cheapest deals on the market for our TBOS clients who need funding on their contractor and permanent placements.

This new invoice finance deal is open to new start recruitment agencies starting with TBOS Complete, who are looking to secure their first invoice finance arrangement.

It is also available to existing recruitment agencies with a turnover of up to £5m moving to TBOS Complete, who already use a Pay-And-Bill Company or have their invoice finance arrangement with another provider.

TBOS can provide a no-obligation projection on the cost savings that could be achieved by using a combination of our TBOS Complete solution and this unique invoice finance deal.

Once credit approved, TBOS would help with the setup process and transfer from the existing funding provider if necessary.

If your recruitment agency has a turnover above £5m, then the rates achieved should be equal to or lower than this invoice finance deal and can be quoted accordingly.

New TBOS Invoice Finance Deal

  • Confidential Invoice Discount Facility
  • Service Charge between 0.4% and 0.25% (Based on Projected Turnover)
  • Monthly Minimum Service Charge @ £400 per month
  • Bad Debt Protection (BDP) @ 0.4%
  • Discount Rate @ 2.25% above Base Rate
  • Prepayment @ 90% on Contract/Temp and Permanent invoices
  • UK and International/Currency Placements funded (GBP, EUR and USD)
  • 100% debt concentration in first 6 months, 100% on BDP debtors thereafter
  • Set Up Fee between £500 to £1,500 (Based on Projected Turnover)
  • Monthly Trust Account Fee @ £10 per Trust Account
  • Rolling Contract with a 28-day notice


INVOICING BASED ON £500 PER DAY £38,970.00 £103,920.00 £155,880.00
TBOS Complete Fee £340.99 £727.44 £1,091.16
Invoice Discount Service Charge £565.88 £841.36 £1,179.10
Invoice Discount Interest Rate 2.25% £67.74 £180.65 £270.97
TOTAL PROPOSED OVERHEADS £974.61 £1,749.45 £2,541.23
Pay-And-Bill Cost 3.50% £1,363.95 £3,637.20 £5,455.80
External Accountant Cost £250 pcm £250.00 £250.00 £250.00
TOTAL CURRENT OVERHEADS £1,613.95 £3,887.20 £5,705.80
MONTHLY SAVING £639.34 £2,137.75 £3,164.57
ANNUAL SAVING £7,672.07 £25,653.00 £37,974.78


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