International Invoicing



 1️⃣ You have been offered a placement outside of the UK

2️⃣ Your current funding provider only funds UK placements

 3️⃣ You’re wasting time and struggling to manage complex currency invoicing

4️⃣ Your unsure of the tax liability on international placements

5️⃣ Your international placements are rapidly increasing in volume and it’s no longer manageable for your internal accounts team

Sound familiar? TBOS can help!

TBOS thrives on helping recruitment agencies who are looking to make international permanent and contract placements as we know there are many opportunities available worldwide.

TBOS has found that there are very few back-office solutions on the recruitment market which cater for the agencies who are looking to make international placements but TBOS is definitely one that can help.  TBOS have the operating systems to cope with invoicing in currency, work with the directors to try and reduce any currency losses and ensure that the agency stays compliant with international taxation and reporting.  TBOS can also arrange funding for placements in over 170 countries and in 15 different currencies from our panel of invoice finance providers.

Why choose TBOS?

TBOS has over 10 years’ experience in helping agencies with their international invoicing by:

  • Ensuring the agency has the correct currency accounts set-up prior to the placement being made
  • Completing any country registrations to avoid any double taxation and withholding taxes where possible
  • Assisting the agency to add currency funding onto their existing invoice finance arrangement or used TBOS Freedom to finance the deal
  • Providing help and advice specific to the agency relating to the country the placement has been made and the tax status of the candidate.

Meet the Outsource Experts

David Cole & Stewart Roberts,

Founders of TBOS

Our experience in International Invoicing 🌎

Currently over 35% of our TBOS Complete clients are making international permanent and contract placements in over 18 different countries covering 9 different currencies.  Of the placements that are being processed via TBOS Freedom over 46% of the turnover relates to overseas contract placements in 5 different currencies to 14 different countries.

By speaking to our TBOS advisors, we can give you specific advice depending on the country and currency relating to your overseas placement. We will ensure you are aware of your obligations and the potential pitfalls of working with that overseas client.

As TBOS works with many different agencies who have made placements all over the world this has enhanced our knowledge of many countries worldwide so we can draw on these experiences to ensure your placement is run correctly.  TBOS can also request the help of external partners who work within specific countries to ensure that the agency is correctly advised.

Often this advice will be to run the placement through the UK agency’s books. However, in some cases where an agency has been forced to set up an office within a certain country, TBOS are on hand to provide its back-office service (invoicing, payments, bookkeeping) alongside an in-country accountant.

If you would like more information on how TBOS can help you administer your international placements and invoicing, please contact us on 0345 504 6333, alternatively you can complete the enquiry form located on this page.