TBOS can help recruitment agencies of all different sizes when it concerns back-office administration. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions cover timesheet management, invoice processing, credit control, organisation of candidate & client payments, invoice finance, staff payroll, agency enquiries, monthly bookkeeping, VAT returns, statutory year-end reporting and much MUCH more…

If you are an agency who places permanent staff or solely contractors, or perhaps a bit of both, we can help. We relieve all types of recruiters from their daily mundane tasks, so they can focus on what they’re good at – closing sales and placing candidates.

We even help new start-ups get on their feet and supply comparative quotes for existing agencies already outsourcing their admin. Every week we release a REAL client saving from our TBOS Community – with our most impressive saving to date being £70,000!!

Starting a new recruitment agency? Existing agency looking to outsource? Request a comparative quote now!

Here at TBOS, we offer two pricing models TBOS complete and TBOS Freedom. Each offering can be used for either start-ups, existing agencies, permanent staffing and contractors.

tbos complete and freedom models

TBOS Complete – Receive a Full Accounts Team Under Your Brand Name

This plan provides a comprehensive back-office solution for any type of recruitment agency. TBOS provide a full accounts team under the agency’s brand name, our team will manage all of the day to day operations after the candidate has been placed and contracts have been signed. This means our team manage all timesheets, invoice raising, process payroll, manage supplier, client & contractor payments, all bookkeeping – issuing monthly management reports and complete all statutory year-end reports including VAT returns, PAYE & year-end accounting.

Agencies also receive first-class day-to-day support, with the TBOS team managing all client and contractor queries on their behalf. We answer phone calls and respond to emails from their agency name using their unique email signatures. This ensures that the agency retains its identity and their clients never suspect they outsource their complete back-office administration. More importantly TBOS guarantee a response within 4 hours of receiving an enquiry.


Freedom is a perfect cost-effective admin solution for agencies who are:

  • new start-ups wanting to make contract placements without committing to long-term invoice finance
  • non-recruiters who has a sudden commercial opportunity to begin contract recruitment
  • perm agencies who receive the occasional contract placement
  • contract agencies with single clients unable to obtain invoice finance
  • contract agencies with 100% export debt and unable to obtain invoice finance
  • Recruitment directors with poor credit or CCJ’s

Recruitment agencies are able to save costs as we only charge when the placement works as per our fee structure ‘Pay As Your Contractor Works’. The Freedom model also provides fully insured funding based on the clients credit rating and covers all contract administration, invoicing, agency payments and credit control.

UK Placements £35 Per Week Per Contractor
International Placements £45 Per Week Per Contractor

TBOS can manage funding in different currencies and international placement for an additional fee and we are not restricted by constraints of debtor or export concentration.

Freedom Benefits
  1. Agency is only signed up based on the contract length of the placement and they are not obligated to put all of their contract business through TBOS
  2. Agency does not have to sign any personal guarantees or debentures in order to receive funding
  3. Immediately available for individual UK & International contract placements
  4. Minimal risk as TBOS provide fully credit insured invoice and debtor funding
  5. No set up charges and TBOS fees are taken when the profits are distributed
  6. No long-term sign up with a 7 day notice period
Starting a new recruitment agency? Existing agency looking to outsource? Request a comparative quote now!