7 Free Ways to Advertise Your Agency Online

We have always known that Internet is a powerful tool to help advertise any business but building a website immediately can be an expensive luxury especially for a new start up recruitment agency. However there are other ways to get your company appearing on the Internet Listings without having to rely on a website with a large adword and SEO spend and I want to share some of the methods you can use to try for yourself:-

  1. LinkedIn Profile – Your LinkedIn profile is your main selling point to other industry professionals and can be used to show your skills as a recruiter as well as demonstrating your new agency’s capabilities. Make your Summary a mixture of your own skills and the skills of your agency plus add presentations, factsheets and brochures to further enhance your company profile
  2. LinkedIn Company Page – Your LinkedIn Company page allows you and your fellow colleagues to be linked together and is the one page that you can advertise the specialities and industries your agency recruits for. It also gives contact details, location and size and allows you to get other LinkedIn users to follow your company. The Company Page is also a good way to update others on your agency’s achievements, show your expertise with the stories you publish and advertise your placements.
  3. Google+ Profile and Company Page – Google+ is relatively new and rapidly growing as a social media tool but is recognised by Google as the most important form when it comes to rankings. By creating your own profile and also a company page (same as Google Business Listings) will mean that your agency will be shown immediately should someone put your company name into Google. It is always advisable that if you have some news and stories to share that you put them onto Google+ first above all social media.
  4. Twitter Profile – Creating a Twitter profile is fairly simple to do and you can build up a large number of followers fairly simply by following other businesses in your chosen industry, as followers follow other followers. Tweeting updates about your company is easy and you can also use this to advertise placements to potential candidates.FB TW G+ LI
  5. Facebook Page – Facebook is not necessarily the first place I would recommend advertising your new agency as it is more for the personal market instead of the business market but setting up a company page is simple and free to do and will enhance your online profile.
  6. Free Online Business Directories – There are a number of free online business directories you can put your business onto which will increase your online presence. You may receive a few unrelated business calls from suppliers but that is the price of this free advertising.
  7. Recruitment Publication News Feeds – All of the main recruitment publications (Recruitment International, Global Recruiter, The Recruiter, UK Recruiter) have an email news feed which goes out to a large number of contacts in the industry to give news and updates on a daily or weekly basis. All of them are happy to accept updates which are relevant and interesting to their readers so if you have something to say get in touch with them.

All of these methods have been tried and tested by TBOS and Fund My Contractor over the past 5 years and are continuing to evolve as social media rules change and we try to keep up with the rules that Google make. Planning your social media strategy is important for any business nowadays and by taking a small amount of time each day to ensure they are kept up to date can make your business visible to your clients and candidates.

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