ATTENTION: New Start-Up Recruitment Agencies!

If you can answer YES to one of the following questions you should give our profit calculator a go…

Are you a new start-up recruitment agency wanting to make contract placements without committing to long-term invoice finance?

Are you a non-recruiter who has a sudden commercial opportunity to begin contract recruitment?

Or if you are an existing recruitment agency…

Are you a permanent agency who receives the occasional contract placement?

Are you a contract agency with single clients unable to obtain invoice finance?

Are you a contract agency with 100% export debt and unable to obtain invoice finance?

Are you a recruitment Director with bad credit or CCJ’s?

The TBOS Freedom pricing model works on a fixed pricing structure whereby,

‘You Only Pay When Your Contractor Works’

This means you are not paying fees on a per deal basis or fees based on your agency turnover, which can rack up some hefty costs if you’re not careful…

TBOS Freedom Pricing

UK Placements £35 Per Week Per Contractor
International Placements £45 Per Week Per Contractor
There is a slight increase in TBOS fees if the placement needs to be processed in a different currency, this is the case for all international placements. With this being said, it’s important to note that with international placements VAT will not be charged.

For a more detailed explanation of our fees or if you would like a quotation based on an international/currency placement please give us a call on 0345 504 6333 alternatively, you can complete the form below.

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