Fund My Contractor Signs New Supplier ABN AMRO

Fund My Contractor Signs New Supplier ABN AMRO

Due to popular requests for international funding solutions, Fund My Contractor have switched to a new supplier, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, in a move which opens up even more of the international market. With ABN AMRO’s new financing options, FMC can fund placements in up to 150 countries, broadening your potential market with it.

ABN AMRO provide fantastic funding options for countries in Asia, South America and Africa, opening up new potential markets that previously were closed to Fund My Contractor. Thanks to this, we can now offer better services to you, and even more, we’re doing so at no extra cost, charging the standard rates from our Service Level Agreement.

This movement has been prompted from repeat requests for Fund My Contractor to fund contractor placements in countries such as Brazil, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Chile, which we were previously unable to provide. We are very happy that we can now offer these services to your recruitment agency, to help you get a foot in a much wider, international market.

Commercial Director, Stewart Roberts, sums it up best: “Moving to ABN AMRO Commercial Finance dramatically improves the services offered by Fund My Contractor, as we can now provide our services to a wider range of countries worldwide. This allows agencies to branch out into international contract positions, without having to sign up to long term, expensive invoice finance agreements. ABN AMRO Commercial Finance look at Pay-When-Paid funding – allowing agencies to get the funding they require on clients, that other invoice finance companies see as a risk.”

Hopefully our new partnership with ABN AMRO Commercial Finance has left your international prospects looking a lot brighter.