1️⃣ Do you have an expensive internal back-office team?

 2️⃣ Does your accountant provide no added value to your recruitment agency?

3️⃣ Are you still managing some of the daily administration for your business?

4️⃣ Do your total back-office costs exceed £3k a year?

5️⃣ Ever considered outsourcing?

If the answer is yes, you have come to right place!

TBOS thrives on helping existing recruitment agencies streamline their back office and accounting functions. We provide solutions that manage the day-to-day administration and also provide management reporting to our clients, this means they stay up to date on their business’s finances and are able to make important decisions on expanding their sales team further.

TBOS has found that existing agencies often have multiple providers looking after various parts of their back office and accounts such as internal administrators and credit controllers, bookkeepers, external payroll companies and accountants all being managed by the recruitment director.  TBOS however looks to combine all of these roles into one solution at a fraction of the cost allowing the director to have everything centralised and managed in one place.

Established in 1999, TBOS as a business has over 10 years’ experience in supporting independent recruiters and existing recruitment agencies with their complete back-office administration.

TBOS currently provides complete back-office solutions to over 80 recruitment agencies, with over 80% of our agencies making contract placements and the remaining 20% operating as perm-only agencies.

So Why Should You Choose TBOS?

Meet the Outsource Experts

  • We help reduce administration expenditure on internal staff, office costs and external suppliers
  • We provide a complete back-office solution which eliminates the recruitment director carrying out any daily admin themselves
  • We provide each recruitment agency with their own monthly management reporting tailed to their individual needs
  • We improve our clients cash-flow which delivers greater profitability for their agency

TBOS looks after many different types and sized recruitment businesses, these include single recruiters, contract agencies, permanent-only agencies, recruiters making placements abroad and many more.

Our TBOS advisors excel at listening to different types of recruiter problems, be it invoice finance, restrictions on overseas placements, bookkeeping errors and many more scenarios. Whatever the problem, we’re sure we can help find a more cost-effective and efficient back-office solution to suit your agency’s needs.

Here are just some of things we look at when you decide to give us a call…


TBOS will complete a cost analysis of your internal costs, looking at your staff wages (including employers NI and pensions), office space, furniture, computer equipment and software, stationary, postage, printing, etc and external suppliers will be payroll companies and accountants.  Often our TBOS fees will be a fraction of the price of your current overheads.


TBOS will do an analysis of your business continuity which will take into consideration what would happen if a staff member leaves, is on holiday or sick (or other HR scenarios) and how robust your systems and data are should there be a catastrophic event. TBOS provides a continuous service Monday to Friday with a maximum 4-hour response rate with all of the data and processes documented and backed up off site.


TBOS will also look at how much time the director is spending on non-recruitment tasks to see what financial impact this has on the business.  This may be to do with administration tasks they are doing themselves and back-office staff they are managing which are effectively stopping them from making more placements and growing their business.  By letting TBOS take over these tasks and moving all the administration tasks out of the business this should make the director more effective and the agency more profitable.

As our TBOS fees are based on placement productivity levels there will always be a significant cost saving and as TBOS only looks after recruitment agencies we can give the specialist advice that our recruitment directors require.

If you would like more information on how TBOS can help you outsource the back office and accounting functions of your own recruitment business, please feel free to contact us on 0345 504 6333, alternatively you can complete the enquiry form located on this page.