tbos Complete

Competitive ‘Pay Per Placement’ Fee Structure

The TBOS Complete fee structure works differently to most of the back-office and accounts solutions on the market today, as our fees are calculated on the number of placements made rather than the turnover of the recruitment business.

Please note each TBOS client is subject to a minimum £250 a month fee

              £50 Per Permanent Placement                  5 Perm Placements x £50 = £250 min fee

From  £25 Per Week, Per Working Contractor     Only Pay When Your Contractors Work

For contract placements our fees are calculated on the amount of UK/Overseas Contractors you have working at any given time, and operates on a sliding scale…

The more working contractors you have – decreases the £25 per contractor fee.

Additional Costs

The only additional fees with the TBOS Complete plan is company formation, staff payroll and the online timesheet fee. However, these all depend on your recruitment agency’s requirements.

Company Formation             £150 + VAT per company

Staff Payroll                             £40 for the first 5 employees, £5 for each employee thereafter

If you would like a free no-obligation quotation of our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are some TBOS Complete Fee Examples: