Friday Feature – Wrap up business but still reap the rewards

This week one of our TBOS clients decided that after 10 years of being an interim recruiter that he wanted to hang up his hat. However he still had 6 interims running at his agency for the next 12 months (with a possibility of further contract extensions) which were bringing in a monthly profit of around £10k per month.

We decided to offer him the use of Fund My Contractor to transfer the contractors to us. All the contracts, invoicing, funding, business and payments were handled by us. The recruiter now can relax and enjoy his sabbatical knowing that all of his interims are being paid, funded and will still receive the monthly profit without doing any ongoing work on the placements.

Fund My Contractor’s services benefit recruitment companies in the UK and overseas, see how we can help you by calling our offices today on: 0845 8811 112.