PDM Recruitment Consultancy – a Case Study

PDM Recruitment Consultancy – a Case Study

With over 16 years’ recruitment experience behind him, Darren Palache has been running PDM Recruitment Consultancy Ltd for over 2 years, alongside a loyal and dedicated team, providing Financial Services contracts and permanent positions internationally. However, during his first year he found that PDM’s cash-flow was restricted by its factoring company, due to concentration issues and lack of credit limits on its main client.

Following a conversation with Fund My Contractor, Darren realised that PDM could get his contract deals fully funded as well as credit insured at a cheaper price than the current factoring arrangement.

Director, Darren Palache says, “The team at Fund My Contractor have been brilliant and made the transition from my existing factoring arrangement to the new funding arrangement seamless.

Since using Fund My Contractor I do not have to worry about contractual issues or payments to the contractors which means my candidates get paid earlier than at my old facility.

The fact that Fund My Contractor is cheaper than my old facility and provides my agency with much greater protection are added bonuses and will enable PDM to grow its contractor base further with overseas clients.

Without the Fund My Contractor team I was not be able to grow my business, as my time was being spent juggling my cash-flow and dealing with constant questions with the factoring company. I am now fully focussed on sales and business development knowing everything is being handled behind the scenes”.

PDM are looking to grow their international sales over the next 12 months by making contract and permanent placements in various European countries. PDM will continue to use the Fund My Contractor model for future contract placements as well as using the TBOS model to administer all the remaining back office and accounts functions.

For more information about PDM Recruitment Consultancy Ltd, their website can be found at www.pdmconsultancy.com