Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Recruitment Agency's Back-Office Work!

Companies of all industries are outsourcing back-office functions these days, and this is particularly prevalent in the temporary recruitment sector. Specialist providers of back-office outsourcing services for recruitment agencies, like TBOS, have great industry knowledge – so they can easily handle compliance and credit control issues.

Agency owners can employ people with the required expertise to complete back-office duties, or they can opt for back-office outsourcing. Many owners choose to hire back-office outsourcing companies from the start, to streamline their administrative processes immediately. This gives their agencies a better chance of succeeding, with an efficient competitive advantage.

Finding a Reputable Back-Office Outsourcing Company For Your Recruitment Agency Will:

1) Allow you to complete all administrative tasks in a timely, efficient way, so you can deliver a professional service. TBOS offers bespoke plans for mid-sized agencies, independent recruiters, and bigger recruitment organisations.

2) Increase your profits from the outset, leaving you extra money and time to sell and re-invest. TBOS provide comprehensive back-office solutions that improve your services and add to your bottom line.

3) Enable you to allocate complex payroll, compliance and credit control tasks to experts. All TBOS clients receive their own Bookkeeper, Invoicing Clerk, Recruitment Accountant and Credit Controller.

4) Improve your reputation by offering consistent levels of customer support, making you stand out from the competition. TBOS provides total management of Permanent, Contractor and Overseas placements from the get-go.

5) Lower the probability of human errors, because you will not depend on the competence of just one or two overstretched people. TBOS has built an experienced team of professionals, who can manage every aspect of recruitment administration on a daily basis.

6) Help you avoid spending money and time employing/training people to perform different administrative duties. TBOS can handle agency payments, invoicing, agency reporting, credit control, invoice finance and more.

7) Make your administrative tasks more efficient, while ensuring compliance. TBOS offers customised, flexible payment and invoicing processes.

8) Prepare you for future business expansion. If you experience sudden growth or changes to your business, the system you have in place will be robust enough to deal with the new challenges.

Recruitment agency owners decide to outsource for several reasons. Some of them employ senior finance administrators who leave/retire, and they do not want to spend money or time training somebody else to do the work. Others find that their existing accounts team is unable to cope with unexpected growth in business and some just feel that too much effort and time is wasted handling back-office tasks, rather than making new sales and contracts.

Next Steps

TBOS can assist any type or size of recruitment agency with its accounts, funding, and back-office needs. Whether you are an established agency or a new start-up, there is no point in looking at other outsourcing companies, because TBOS has your back-office completely covered. Contact us today to get started.

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