“If TBOS Are Looking After My Agency Books, Then Why Can’t They Also Look After My Personal Tax Return?”

Although TBOS provides a full back office and accountancy service for our recruitment agency clients, we have always maintained that we cannot process the individual directors and shareholders personal tax returns so this is not a service we provide.

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The main reason for this is that as we are looking after the company books and records, we do not have any knowledge of other business interests, property, investments or other income that the directors and shareholders may have outside of their recruitment agency.

The focus at TBOS for the benefit of your recruitment agency is to look after the books and records and ensure that these are done correctly and efficiently. Also, as TBOS does not provide its services to companies outside of recruitment we would not have any knowledge of other companies the directors/shareholders may be involved with.

TBOS does provide some limited advice to our agency directors and shareholders regarding taking salary and dividends but this is always under the advisement that they speak with their personal tax accountant.

TBOS also recommends several accountants who can provide self-assessment services by providing any required documentation to complete these returns such as P60’s, P11D’s and Dividend Certificates.

TBOS work closely with the personal tax accountants of our clients to ensure that they are maximising any tax allowances available and are paying themselves in the most tax efficient way.

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