Freedom To Succeed: Why TBOS Freedom Matters

We cover a lot of different topics in our blog here at TBOS, and we know that not every blog is relevant to every client; that’s actually important to us, as it means we can take a look at important issues that affect large groups of clients even if others have overcome them already.

But this blog is relevant to everyone, client or not, and it’s about our TBOS Freedom service.

Why TBOS Freedom?

We designed and built TBOS Freedom after receiving two main types of inquiry; we were hearing from permanent recruiters who’d been asked to handle one contract placement and needed to set up financing to make it work, often with no idea what was involved.

We also heard from recruiters who had broken away to form their own start up agency and, a year in, were facing issues with invoice finance monthly minimum fees when they realised they’d made fewer placements than anticipated. They needed a new finance system which was better suited to their situation.

From our perspective, the solution was clear – but we also knew it had to be capable of scaling well to work, and that’s why this is still important to established contract agencies as well as the others.

What Makes TBOS Freedom Effective?

  • We’re Ready to Go in Hours

With years of experience under our belts, we can get your TBOS Freedom facility set up in just a few hours, including credit check and contract raising, so you can be ready to start the moment you close your first contract.

  • We Handle All Administration on an Ongoing Basis

We offer contract templates compliant with AWR and IR35 as well as covering client invoicing, candidate payroll, and we even produce a self-bill invoice for the profit. All the paperwork and administration related to the placement goes smoothly.

  • We Charge No Set Up or Minimum Fees

Setting up a TBOS Freedom facility just in case a potential contract placement comes in is no-risk; we don’t charge to do it or for credit checks, and we don’t have monthly minimum fees. You can just keep it on the books between contracts.

  • We don’t Enforce Long Term Sign Up or Maximum Placements

We wanted to design a flexible service, so however many – or few – placements you need to handle, TBOS Freedom has you covered. We’ll work with you to make sure the service covers your need.

  • We are Fully Credit Insured & Prepared for International Placements

An absolute must in contract financing is to be credit insured, and we are, so if your client goes bust or simply can’t or won’t pay after 120 days, your funds paid out are covered. We also know many clients with international interests, and we support payments in over 170 countries and 15 currencies.

It All Adds Up

We offer a free online profit calculator to make it easy for you to compare the value of TBOS Freedom as a payment system against your existing solutions if you have any – or just to see what kind of profit opportunity any given contract will provide.

Isn’t it time you checked you have the best deal?

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