Tuesday Tidbit - TBOS Cost Saving for Agencies

This week we spoke to a new potential agency who was using one of TBOS’s competitors for their back office and accounts needs.

We found that despite many of the services offered being very similar the costing was based on a percentage of turnover compared to the TBOS per week per contractor fee structure. The agency had a turnover of around £1.8m per annum which meant that that the competitor was charging around £36k per annum where TBOS would charge around £20k per annum, which was a large cost saving.

Although TBOS would not be offering the facility to raise contracts as part of the solution the cost saving would mean that the agency could pay a part time administrator at a cheaper cost than the £16k saving.

The client has decided to come on board with TBOS and is hoping to grow over the next 12 months and enjoy a larger saving compared to the previous supplier.

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