Total Back Office Solutions Ltd has recently achieved the Standard ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the 5th year running.

This certification over the years has helped to ensure that all the systems and processes within the company have been checked and audited to a high standard whilst ensuring that the staff training and progress has constantly been monitored.

By having monthly audits with the internal Quality Representatives to review the processes being followed and to suggest and implement amendments we can ensure that the systems are constantly being updated and conformed to. This is then compounded by the annual audit with the QAS Auditors to ensure that TBOS remain on track with their standard.

TBOS has found that these audits have identified potential threats to the business processes and ensured we are reviewing our suppliers and also our training program and staff needs.

TBOS has also found that they can implement the same reviewable workflow to the agencies it manages to ensure that we are constantly reviewing their internal needs and processes to ensure that their back office and accounting needs are met and fulfilled.

TBOS will continue to strive towards achieving this standard for the years to come as we feel this is an important standard in the growth of the company and the continuous improvement of its systems and staff.

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