Build Brand Awareness For Free: A Recruiters’ Guide

Any recruitment agency director worth their salt knows just how important it can be to be the name people think of first.

Building that kind of brand awareness can be difficult, although with so much business done online these days there are now a number of steps you can take that mean many companies and contractors in your target sector will see your agency’s name on a regular basis. Let’s take a look:

  • Build a Strong Profile on LinkedIn

Anyone on LinkedIn knows that on Mondays and Fridays especially, there’s a regular stream of activity. We’ve talked about the dos and don’ts before; today, the key takeaway we have for you is that your agency’s name will show up regularly, and you can make sure readers associate it with recruitment in your sector.

  • Tie it to your Company Page

It shouldn’t just be you doing that; by maintaining your LinkedIn company page you magnify the publicity efforts of every recruiter in your agency. Getting that kind of mind share for free is an incredible advantage, but it’s one you’ll have to keep maintaining against the competition.

  • Tweet Smart, Tweet Often

Twitter is a great place to build awareness. A good, sharp, useful tweet will spread on the wings of your followers from retweets and bring more and more people to watch your company’s account. Watch trending hashtags for something industry relevant and sum it up smartly and you’ll get your name out there. There’s even a secondary benefit; people will trust the firm they saw giving out shrewd advice for free instinctively.

  • Be a Newsletter Feature

UK Recruiter, The Recruiter, Global Recruiter and Recruitment International all have email newsletters which reach contacts across the recruitment spectrum with every mailing. If you can produce an article their readers will find relevant and interesting, they’ll be happy to include it and credit your agency with the information. We at TBOS talk regularly with enough recruiters to know that each agency has something useful to say and an interesting way to say it – so this should be an easy one!

  • Get in Google’s Good Books

Having a Google+ Profile and a Google+ company page may seem secondary to maintaining your LinkedIn presence, but Google+ interacts with the search engine it descends from, so being active on Google+ - especially when you have press releases or anything else new to announce – can really help your presence on Google, bringing you extra opportunities to earn the attention of potential clients and contractors.

Obviously, in all of these cases it’s important to remain professional at all times, but there are plenty of opportunities to raise your profile out there for the taking. TBOS are always happy to discuss these strategies as we’ve tested them all ourselves; you can contact us here, at or on the phone at 0845 8811 112.

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