As teleconferencing and Zoom calls become more common throughout the business world and smartphones and tablets allow you to do more and more wherever you are, the idea that a recruitment agency actually needs a business office is beginning to crumble, and, of course, due to Covid-19, we are seeing more and more of our clients working from home.

Why Work from Home?

There can be any number of reasons for a recruiter to operate without an office, apart from the obvious current one. If you’re just starting out in business for yourself, for example, you may want to reduce spending for a while, and renting an office costs a significant amount every month.

Particularly if you’re working alone, the lack of a central office may not hurt your performance much, and that makes it an easy cost to cut.

Another reason may be the big question for working parents of our time; how to look after the kids during the day. By making your office a home office and taking advantage of modern communications for work, you can solve this problem with minimal loss of efficiency.

So What’s the Problem?

The biggest issue to hit recruiters and agencies working without an office is the risk of losing or losing out on clients who haven’t realised yet how effective smartphone and wireless-based business can be; there are some who will put your business’ given address into Google Street View to see if it looks like an office or not.

Losing out on these opportunities can hurt, and of course, it can lead to other issues down the line. It’s a shame to miss out just because you made the right choice for you – but if you plan carefully, help may just be at hand.

How Can TBOS Help?

As part of our TBOS Complete package we permit recruiters to use our business address, immediately getting around the Google Street View issue.

We never answer the phone as TBOS but instead favour “Hello, Accounts?” adding to this impression of traditional business values, and we can provide back office video conferencing where appropriate.

We work with our clients to set up email addresses with their domain address so that when we contact their clients we give the impression of a larger business with more people involved. While recruiters often operate alone or in small groups, many companies you may work with still believe a larger company is essential and we help you to set their minds at ease.

In short, it’s possible to organise a ‘screen’ of a traditional approach for those clients who still need the reassurance while going forward with your business in a way that suits you and takes full advantage of modern tools and technologies.

We’re always available when our clients want to talk about the support we can offer them. You can contact us here, at, or on 0845 881 1112,

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