When Is The Best Time to Start a Recruitment Agency?

There are many reasons why setting up a recruitment agency is a great idea, from improving your work-life balance to generating healthy profits in a niche business area. However, when is the best time to start a recruitment agency to give yourself the best chance of success in your new enterprise?

Learn How To Start Your Own Recruitment Agency

January 2022: The Best Time To Enter The Recruitment Race

While recruitment agencies can be a lucrative business whenever they are set up in the year – especially with the right support - January is a fantastic month in which to launch your new enterprise.

The days may be short and the weather foul, but there are several important reasons why the New Year is the best time to start a recruitment agency:

A Healthy Pool of Talent

Successful recruitment depends on sourcing talented people and, in January, you’re more likely to have access to a rich selection of experienced workers. At the start of the year, there are always more people seeking their dream job, or simply trying to break free from their existing one as part of a New Year’s resolution. Therefore, a brand-new recruitment agency will be tempting for many job hunters – especially if you can demonstrate how your business is different from its rivals.

It’s a New Start For Everyone

The New Year, of course, is seen as a fresh start for many, so it’s unsurprising that a different career is often a popular resolution. Many people, keen to pursue new interests in their work-life, recognise that recruitment agencies can provide them with a way into a different career, particularly if they are unsure how to approach businesses for work. Also, temporary workers are often seeking new work as their Christmas seasonal employment will have ended, and many will be able to offer long-term availability. Therefore, it’s well-worth capitalising on the demand for agency roles that tends to peak once January gets underway.

Businesses Have Cash To Splash

Getting talented staff onto your books is one part of your business but securing work for them is just as important – if they secure long-term work via another agency, you’ll lose their loyalty and the commission. January is a good time to recruit agency workers because many businesses have more leeway with their spending, either because they’re setting budgets or because, with year-end approaching, they’re considering how to spend surplus cash. By starting your recruitment business in the New Year, you’ll maximise the chances of securing your new recruits rewarding assignments.

Seek Professional Support From TBOS

At TBOS, we are experts in supporting new-start recruitment agencies to get off the ground. We recognise the challenges that you may face as you set—up your recruitment business and can provide welcome support with all aspects of back-office administration, including accounting and bookkeeping. To find out more, get in touch today.
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