William Blake Group

William Blake Group – The William Blake Group have seen great company growth whilst being with TBOS.
We were recommended TBOS and Stewart from a contact in the Recruitment Industry who has previously used their services. From meeting with Stewart/TBOS a few months before we set up to this day – 3 and a half years later – TBOS have been a fantastic partner of our business. We make use of most of TBOS’s services, from managing all of our accounting, payroll, financing and credit control and they have delivered it with a focus on attention to detail and thoroughness and always within a timely manner. Stewart and his team have also been always been there to offer advice and support when needed and make themselves available whenever you need them. By working with TBOS it has enabled us to focus solely on the 2 most important areas of growing a business – revenue and headcount. Without TBOS’s support I have no doubt that as a business we would not have seen the same growth that we have seen. I would have no hesitation recommending TBOS to anyone who either wants to start up a recruitment business or wants to improve their back office and accounting functions and process.

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