TBOS Moves With The Times by Offering Video Conference Accounting

While TBOS began by working with clients in the London area, over the last seven years we’ve grown with our clients, moving to national recruitment agencies and on to running UK branches for international recruiters. While this expansion has helped more agencies receive the back office and accounting services offered, it’s also meant that opportunities to meet with the directors on a regular for discussion and planning have been restricted.

With agencies that aren’t local to our offices - even overseas - this has meant advice is offered over the phone or by email, with bi-annual or annual meetings to discuss the year end accounts.

As the agency numbers have steadily grown, it’s also become apparent that there just aren’t enough days in the month for our management team to visit everybody each month so a new solution had to be found.

David and Stewart decided to look for technology that would be cheap, easy and convenient for the agencies to use and saw that videoconferencing meetings has become the best course of action.

Following trials of video conferencing systems, it became clear that meeting using Skype means that multiple management and final accounts meetings can be held much more swiftly with various clients in different locations.

By videoconferencing we also allow multiple staff to be present so our agencies can meet the processing staff and add that human element lacking from a telephone call or email.

Since installing the new system, meetings have been held with existing clients based in Cheshire, Southampton, Spain and Australia, and we’ve spoken to a potential client in Greece. It’s also meant that clients who often had only quarterly meetings due to travel restrictions can now have meetings on a monthly basis at times that suit them without having to consider travel time and costs.

TBOS is constantly looking at ways of improving the systems and processes offered to its agencies and will continue to move with the times. For more information on how TBOS can help you to manage the back office and accounts of your agency, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can call us on 0845 881 1112 or email at enquiries@tbos.co.uk.

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