Setting up a recruitment business can be challenging. However, having overcome the initial hurdles, you’ll need to think strategically about how to grow your enterprise and increase its turnover. In this article, we’ll explain four effective strategies that can form part of your recruitment business development strategy this year.

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1. Outsource Your Accounts And Back-Office Administration

Outsourcing your accounts and back-office administration offers important benefits for recruitment agencies looking to expand, and it’s usually a more cost-effective solution than attempting to carry out these functions in house. Outsourcing allows you to refocus your business’s resources onto more profitable tasks, such as securing new clients and contracts; you can reduce your operational costs, as you won’t need a team of in-house administrators; and you can reshape your business model to be more strategic, so that every action is geared towards increasing profits.

With outsourced accounts and back-office support, you can buy into services as needs dictate so, as your business grows, your team won’t be left floundering by an unsustainable volume of work.

2. Implement A CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help recruiters improve the quality of their client and candidate relationships, saving time, improving efficiency, and cutting costs. For recruiters, a CRM empowers them to oversee their relationships in real-time and in context, so staff can concentrate on attracting new clients and candidates and opening new avenues for business growth.

 A good CRM platform allows recruiters to:

  • Collaborate more responsively with clients to improve recruitment and onboarding.
  • Facilitate continuous feedback from clients during the hiring process.
  • Improve lead conversion and client management.
  • Benefit from improved insights to understand which strategies work well and which need to be improved.

3. Focus On What You Do Best

When considering ‘How to grow my recruitment business,’ many recruiters believe that branching out into other areas of commerce or industry is a sure-fire way to boost profits. However, there are intrinsic dangers in this approach, as your staff may not have the industry knowledge or expertise to understand the needs of clients or the skillset that candidates need to demonstrate.

Focusing on what you do best – recruiting high quality talent within your specialist niche – will enable you to drive growth in a controlled way and eliminate many of the risks that ‘general purpose’ recruitment businesses face when expanding. You’ll strengthen your reputation for specialist knowledge and become the go-to solution for clients.

4. Improve Your Company Culture

Finally, no recruitment business can expand without a dedicated and talented team of consultants. When seeking growth, some businesses focus purely on the quality of their client relationships and fail to consider the importance of their own company culture.

Stability is a fundamental part of growth, so honing your workplace culture can improve staff wellbeing and happiness, improve staff retention, and attract new talent to your team.

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