Is there a perfect time to start a new recruitment agency? You might have been thinking about ‘going it alone’ for a while, it might be a long-time dream to run your own company or perhaps you’re working in a successful agency, running your own desk, and have recently started thinking now is the time to take the plunge.

Like any business venture, there is no perfect time, but there is now. You can make excuses about timings, but if you have the right preparation and a well-executed plan, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

Despite recent economic challenges and short-term setbacks, the recruitment sector is still thriving. Every 21 seconds, someone finds a permanent role through a recruitment business, and 1 million temps are placed into businesses in the UK every day (source REC)

If you are ready to start up your recruitment agency and run your own company, we’ve created a free e-book (download it below) that contains all the answers to the questions you have (plus to questions you might not have thought of!) It’s a blueprint to setting up and running your own recruitment business.

You can download the TBOS Guide to Starting Your Own Recruitment Agency straightaway using the form below. But if you’re still mulling over the idea of setting up your own recruitment business, here’s a taster of what the guide includes:


Who Should Start a Recruitment Agency?

We consider who the ideal candidates are for starting up a successful agency, what experience you need, and which personal attributes will set you up for a smooth ride. Do you fit the mould, or will you break the mould?!


The Basics of Your Recruitment Agency

Even if you haven’t thought of all the detail about running your agency, you need to have some areas fleshed out before you start trading. What type of agency will you be? Are you offering temporary or permanent staff? What industry will you specialise in, and what geographical area will you cover? These fundamentals need to be nailed down from the start. That’s not to say they can’t change in the future as your company evolves, but it’s important to have clarity on your offering from the get-go.


The Creative Side of Starting a Recruitment Business

This part is often the most fun, especially if you already have a vision in mind for your business. Perhaps you already know what your logo will look like or which company name you’re going for. The TBOS guide gives you a healthy handful of hints and tips when it comes to branding yourself and your agency. There is a surprising number of things to take into account!


The Practical Side of Setting Up a Recruitment Agency

There are many practicalities when it comes to setting up an agency. Some of the steps required when setting up a compliant and legal business can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not a detail-oriented person.

The Guide to Starting Your Own Recruitment Agency covers how to create a business plan, registering your business, what you need to consider from an insurance and banking point of view. Crucially the guide also walks you through when and where you need to consider funding or invoice finance and how to set this up. And trust us, we know a lot about the latter.


The Important Legal Bits of Setting Up a Recruitment Agency

If you don’t know your AWR from your GDPR, this guide not only translates the legal jargon but it outlines what you need to consider and set up from Day 1 of your running your own agency. This might not be the most fun part of running your own business, but solid (and compliant!) foundations are key to building a successful business.


At TBOS, we’ve been working with recruitment agencies for ten years, specialising in supporting start-up agencies. Our new, free e-book will set you off on the right path when it comes to setting up your own recruitment business, but remember you can always pick up the phone to the TBOS team for some confidential, no-obligation advice.

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Download your copy now:

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