Why Holidays Are A Great Time To Review Your Recruitment Future...

Since TBOS began all those years ago we have helped many recruiters to set up their own recruitment business by offering our help, experience, advice and service to do this. Having been in this industry for many years we have noticed patterns emerging, including two main points in the year when recruiters look to start their own agency.

The first is at the beginning of the year in January, when recruiters have been off for the Christmas and New Year break and evaluate their plans for the coming year. Recruiters will review their profit figures for the previous year for the agency they are working for and decide if they can do this under their own agency name. January is also the time when agency directors will roll out their own plans and targets for the coming year and some recruiters may not agree with these plans which may push them into making the decision to leave and start up themselves. During this time TBOS notices a large number of enquiries about how to start a recruitment agency and by the beginning of February we have exceeded our normal enquiry numbers for the month with a number of new agencies on our books. Many recruiters would have quit early on in the month or waited until the end of the month depending on if they are waiting for annual bonuses to be paid before leaving.

The second time of the year that we notice an increase in our enquiry levels on from new agency start-ups is September. TBOS has realised that the holiday season starting from mid-June through to early September has a similar effect to January on recruiters. It seems that when a recruiter goes on a holiday they will be relaxed and away from the fast pace recruitment atmosphere that’s when they begin to evaluate their recruitment future and start to wonder if starting their own agency will enable them to have a lifestyle similar to what they are experiencing on their break. When the recruiter returns to work and gets back to reality the frustrations can grow. If the recruiter has exceeded targets or has noticed an upturn in the industry they are working in it will incentive them to make that initial enquiry and drive them to achieve their plans.

TBOS finds that September is a good time to start a new agency as it allows the agency time to get all their internal systems in place such as website, database, finance, back office, etc. and build client relationships during the first 3 months. This means that from the following January the agency can make plans to grow and develop and concentrate on having a profitable first full year of trading.

TBOS is looking forward to the increase in enquiries this September following the holiday season and helping to set up and grow new agencies over the next few months for recruiters who feel now is the right time to start up.

For more information on how TBOS can help and advise you on how to start your own recruitment agency then please give our office a call.

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