How Can Specialist Recruiters Thrive?

Since we were founded, TBOS has had many clients – and still do – who focus on recruiting only in a very specific field.

Why Cut Yourself Off from The Wider Market?

Many highly specialised industries requiring unusual skill sets want to work with agencies who focus on their sector exclusively. They want to be sure that the recruiter they work with will have the knowledge necessary to properly assess candidates.

If you and your team have that knowledge, staying focused on the industry can bring in steady, regular business; starting to diversify might cost you what you already have without guaranteeing anything better.

What do You Need?

We’ve talked extensively before now about what a new generalist recruitment agency needs, and, obviously, a specialist agency also needs to cover all the legal and financial bases, make sure they have their back office covered and a line on the finance needed to pay contractors.

But you’ll also need to have other bases covered – you need to be sure that you and any other recruiter in your fledgling agency don’t just know the industry you support – you need your knowledge to be fully up to date and with an eye to the future, so that you can compete with established agencies through knowledge.

If your chosen industry has other legal requirements you’ll also need to be fully up to date on them, too.

Help is at Hand

Specialist agencies are even more likely to start as a solo act than other recruitment agencies, and there are two major issues they always face.

One is that there’s nobody there to cross-check your work and make sure all the paperwork is legally compliant, and the other – which may be more important – is just how little time there is compared to everything you need to get done.

By taking your back office work off your shoulders, we can give you a chance to get settled in, have confidence that your books are accurate, and focus on bringing in new business. We offer peace of mind for specialist recruiters who find their time and attention stretched too thin.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, you can contact us via our site, by calling 0845 881 1112, or email – we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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