Friday Feature – Short Term Funding for New Start Up

This week Fund My Contractor was contacted by a new start up agency hoping to use our services to provide a short term buffer until they had enough turnover to set up their own invoice finance arrangement.

We explained that one of the advantages of working with us is that the contracts signed are three way contracts between the client, the agency and Fund My Contractor (in the same way that they are laid out for the candidate). This meant that the agency could bring the turnover into their books despite the fact that Fund My Contractor was handling things in the short term.

We provided full breakdowns of what was invoiced, what was paid to the contractor and any fees charged, making it easy for the agency to bring the details into their books. This meant that they could document the placements made and their turnover, making it simpler when they were ready to start setting up their own invoice finance arrangement.

If you would like more information about how Fund My Contractor can assist you please contact our offices on: 0845 8811 112.

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