How Can You Run a UK Recruitment Company from the Beach in Spain?

Everyone working in the UK daydreams about instead working in a hot, sunny, foreign climate. We’ve always had to accept that for most of us this can only ever be a dream.  However, with advancements in telecommunications and other software, you could make this a reality!

Over our years of experience, we’ve worked with many different companies which tested the boundaries of the normal recruitment model. One of the more recent trends we’ve noticed is recruitment agencies registered in the UK, with TBOS looking after all the back office and accounts functions, but with directors and sales team based overseas.

These agencies are registered at Companies House using our offices as their registered address. They have accounts with UK banks and they use UK-based phone numbers. The result is that their clients and candidates believe they are dealing with a recruiter based in the UK. However, the staff making the placements are enjoying the sun in much sunnier climes.

TBOS has also helped UK-facing agencies are based in Denmark, Poland, Sweden and, yes, even Germany to ensure the smooth running of their back office.

Once placements are made the team at TBOS are on hand to handle invoicing, payroll and credit control whilst reconciling online bank accounts and producing management figures.

Sometimes, due to the directors not having a UK base, there can be issues getting invoice finance and funding for contractor placements. However, by using the TBOS Freedom system, directors can resolve this issue for their agency.

The directors can speak to TBOS at any time by phone or email and can hold virtual meetings to discuss accounts each month using our video conferencing system.  We often hear how sunny it is compared to typical rainy English weather and how relaxed they feel in the sun.

TBOS is proud to provide back office and accounts services to these agencies and help others who want to run a UK recruitment business from abroad.

For more information on how TBOS can help and advise you on how to start your own UK recruitment agency then please give our office a call on (+44) 845 8811 112, by email at, or through our contact form here.

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