Recruiting from Home

Teleconferencing isn’t so much on the rise as risen throughout the business world, and you’re more and more likely to see ‘Sent from my phone’ at the bottom of business emails as time rolls through.

The idea that you need an office location for your recruitment agency is less accurate as time goes on, and certainly here at TBOS we’re more and more used to clients operating out of their home.

Why Make the Switch?

Let’s start with an obvious reason; if your agency is just getting started, this is one way to cut out office rental month after month. If you’re working alone, or if your comms provisions are good, the lack of a central office may not hurt your productivity – so it’s a great cost to cut.

The other big benefit is to working parents – or can be. If you have a home office, you can look after your kids during the day with only a minimal loss of efficiency.

Sounds Great! What’s the Hitch?

There’s only one big one – you may lose clients (or just lose out on a shot at getting them) if they’re not comfortable with the new era of place-independent business, or if they’ve been burned by someone who didn’t have the dedication to keep their business strong amid the distractions of home.

Believe it or not, there are some companies out there who will put your agency’s listed address into Google Street View and reject anyone whose premises aren’t clearly an office.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

What TBOS Brings to the Table

One of the services we offer as part of TBOS Complete is the option to use our business address – which gets you around the Street View issue immediately.

We never answer the phone as TBOS; instead, callers will hear “Hello, Accounts?” which not only presents the image of a busy office but also indicates your company has the size needed to cope with anything – which eliminates another common client concern.

We work with our clients so that we can operate from an email address within the client domain, making sure we look like part of your agency rather than a support service.

It hasn’t been necessary for recruitment agencies to be large businesses for a long time (if ever) but not all clients have yet realised this – so this part of our service will reassure those clients and allow you to structure your agency the way you want.

If you’d like to discuss this kind of support, or any other aspects of using improved comms to recruit from home, why not email, call 0845 881 1112, or fill out our contact form?

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