If you’re ready to hit the start button on your new recruitment business in 2020, this tells us you have been planning it for some time.

An already successful recruiter in your current agency, you have completed your research on the start-up costs, created a company website, obtained contract templates and insurance, as well as decided on the job boards you will use.

If that’s correct, your next step is calling TBOS.

Over the last decade, TBOS have helped hundreds of recruiters transform their ‘new agency’ dream into a reality. Our comprehensive start up solution covers the full back-office, funding and accounts requirements needed for any new agency, with the added benefit of only paying for our fees when you make your first placement.


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On that initial first call to our team, we will take all your details and get to work on registering your new company at Companies House. We will complete all the necessary PAYE, VAT and corporation tax registrations on the website as well as register all the business partners under the correct shares. For example, if you’re a sole shareholder of the business, this will be 100% shares.


Our team will then run through business banking, giving you a comprehensive introduction on the best business bank accounts on the market today and how to set yours up correctly. We will also set up your company email addresses, etc, which will be used to communicate all accounts queries on your agency’s behalf.


If your new contract agency requires invoice finance, our specialist team will negotiate the funding rates and set up the facility on your behalf. We will listen to your contractor requirements and broker the best deal for your funding needs. All of our clients benefit from exclusive invoice finance rates due to TBOS’s involvement in managing the accounts daily. Once your facility is all set up, our team will ensure it runs smoothly and will conduct a free finance review at the end of your first year. This will ensure you are paying for the correct funding facility for your agency requirements.


New start up clients will receive a run through of our TBOS processes. This will prepare you for when you make your first placement. When this happens, our team will look after the processing side, that means timesheet management, invoicing, invoice finance management, bookkeeping, credit control and all your year-end accounts are covered. All email and telephone communications relating to accounts will also be managed by our team, this will free up more time for you to focus on making placements and growing your business.


Making that first call to TBOS will put everything in motion. Your ‘new agency’ dream becomes real, which means you need to put that recruitment talent of yours to good use. You focus on the sales and our team will take care of the rest.

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