Every week at TBOS, we get at least one enquiry from someone who has never worked in the recruitment industry and wants to start their own recruitment agency.

Whilst we understand nothing is stopping them from starting a new business, we do question why they want to start a business in an industry that they have never worked in or have had any previous success.

We get a wide range of responses, for example: -

  • "I am currently working as an agency temp, and I believe the recruitment agency is overcharging for the work I do so I can offer it cheaper."
  • "I work in the NHS, and I can see a big shortfall in staff which the other agencies cannot fill."
  • "I know lots of people in my area who are looking for work"
  • "I have helped my current employer find internal staff by managing the job adverts."
  • "My mate is a recruiter and makes loads of money by making a few phone calls."

Unfortunately, what these enquiries do not understand is that recruitment is not as easy as they believe, and it requires training and experience to perfect the skills to be a successful recruiter. Also, many are calling TBOS believing that we will be able to teach them the recruitment process, which is not part of our service.

The fact that these enquiries want to start their first business in an industry where they have no experience is also a double-edged sword. Even the most experienced recruiters starting an agency can sometimes fail, even with the recruitment knowledge.

TBOS often has to dash these enquiries dreams and explain that we cannot help them and the best advice we can give is to try and get a job within a recruitment agency for 6-9 months to see if recruitment is for them before considering this bold move.

TBOS has helped over 200+ new Recruitment Directors form their first recruitment agency by providing a fully comprehensive back office and accounting solution. Please contact our office if you would like further information on how we can help your agency.

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