New Year's Resolutions for Recruiters

As 2016 begins, many New Year’s Resolutions are being made and tested. For those of us in and around business, a lot of those resolutions have to do with our growth as companies or as individuals.

2016 is sure to see new agencies started by those who've learned enough to feel ready to move forward and grow into a larger role, and to see agencies which already exist set their sights on lofty development and growth targets.

In both cases, we at the TBOS offices are looking forward to lending a hand in support. We live for the challenges that a new year rings in, and we’re expecting to see innovation and invention take a leap forward as they always do.

When launching a new agency in particular, though, it’s all too easy to overlook some of what you need. The big picture needs to be clear. The clients need to be lined up. And the staff you need the most will be in the front office; client-facing, doing the work that will bring in the money.

Obviously you’ll be putting together a back office to work with them, but we've found that it’s this area where people often slip. Estimating what’s needed is difficult when you expand an existing business, let alone when starting something up from scratch, and that doesn't change even if you know the business pretty well.

It’s just a rule of thumb, but it’s as accurate as any other if not more; when you’re making major changes or starting something new, you’ll overlook something you need or fail to expand the capacity for something you’ll need, and you’ll find yourself scrambling to play catch-up. Trust us; we've seen it before.

But then, that’s one of the reasons we’re here. TBOS offers our industry a dependable support base, because there will always need to be a safety net, and there will always be agencies that would rather not have to think of everything for their back office work.

We specialise so that you can specialise. And, as 2016 opens up a new world of possibilities and we watch businessmen, entrepreneurs, and more look to rise above their 2015 on to new heights, we know that you’ll be wanting to call on our support soon so that you can rise above. And we’re ready.

Take your leap into the unknown. Start up your agency. Expand your portfolio. Whatever you’re dreaming of doing in the invoice finance world in 2016, we’re standing by and ready to help.

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