Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for some companies to bad mouth each other and spread lies about one another’s service when securing new business. This usually happens during the sales process when a potential buyer mentions other companies they are talking to, perhaps in the hope of negotiating a better deal.

When this happens, you can always tell what type of business you’re getting into bed with, by listening to their response.

A bad company will be quick to spread lies about the other company, going into detail about how their company is far superior, when in reality the points they are making are completely untrue. The best way to tell if this company is lying or not is to ring that competitor directly.

  • Ask them if the points said are true.
  • Check for testimonials or reviews to support the authenticity of the business, do you know anybody that can vouch for them?

Whereas on the hand, a good company will highlight their USP’s (unique selling points) in detail and will discuss their service as a comparison to the points mentioned. It’s also likely these companies will have a variety of reviews online which is a good indicator of their overall service offering.


With over a decade in the recruitment industry, TBOS have had lies spread about our service by our competitors. Here we list the most commonly used…

‘They said you would own the turnover of my company.’

Completely untrue. The invoicing under our TBOS Complete model is sent on our recruitment client’s headed paper, funds are paid to our client’s invoice finance/bank account, with everything based on the agency client’s terms of business.

Even using our TBOS Freedom model, our client is a party on the contract therefore they can journal the turnover into their books.

‘I was told I have to give TBOS some of the profit if I sell the company.’

False. TBOS does not assume directorship or become a shareholder of any of the agencies we manage. We provide total back office solutions whereby our team becomes our agency clients’ full-time accounts team.

‘They have given me a comparison on pricing and it shows TBOS are too expensive.’

Some competitors even go a step further and alter comparison quotes with incorrect interest rates to deliberately mislead the buyer. We have seen cases where some competitors have edited TBOS figures to show that we are more expensive when we are actually more competitive.


With every enquiry TBOS receives we put forward our service offering and the numbers to support it. From our side we have completed the necessary requirements for securing a new client, however it’s the potential client’s responsibility to conduct their own due diligence. Recruiters should have a good understanding of their business figures, if something doesn’t look right, press the company for more detail. If all else fails, call TBOS our team are more than happy to explain the finer details of our business proposals.

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