How Can Invoice Finance Systems Help Your Business?

With TBOS Complete we provide the kind of back office support that recruiters and agencies value most, ensuring that the day-to-day running of the business is not bogged down by behind-the-scenes bureaucracy.

We bring our experience and expertise to every recruiter that we work with, providing dependable and reliable solutions. That’s why when it comes to invoice financing, you can be sure that we not only help put a system in place, but we’ll manage it for you and ensure everything is going smoothly.

The Benefits of Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a great way of buffering your company’s finances when you’re waiting for client payments to come in. It allows you a line of defence against the potential hazards of recruiter cashflow, meaning that you don’t have the stress of ensuring that you have enough money liquid whenever your contractor payments are due.

You can rest assured your contractors are going to be paid appropriately without having to wait on the money coming in from the client company. This way you avoid slowdown when balancing cashflow and preserve your positive relationship with both client companies and contractors alike.

The Potential Problems with Pay-And-Bill

Given that it is easily accessed through an online portal, it’s easy to think that Pay-and-Bill systems are efficient and elegant, but they come with their own suite of problems. Their seemingly functional process doesn’t do anything to impact the speed in which the client processes the invoice.

With an invoice finance method, you are ensuring security and accountability, keeping control in your hands.

Accountability Where It Counts

What we offer at TBOS is not solely the means in which to implement an Invoice Finance solutions. Instead, we use our industry knowledge to ensure that you have everything in place around your invoice finance system to keep things moving as they should.

One of those means is that we will keep track of your outstanding payments, keeping an eye out for potential risks and doing the chasing up for you, meaning that you have all the time you need to get on with the important work of running your agency.

With TBOS Complete we will ensure that everything is taken care of in your finance system, ensuring that all you need is plainly managed and easily accessible to you. We strive to grant you total understanding, clarity and confidence in both your business’s financial state, as well as your back-office work at large.

If you want to know more about our comprehensive solutions, why not contact us via our site, by calling 0845 881 1112, or emailing us at

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