Introducing Emma

Emma is our Contracts Manager, legal eagle and all around fount of contractual knowledge at TBOS! She manages the contracts department at TBOS, both for our Complete and Freedom clients. She originally hails from a small village in Sussex called Hailsham, and obtained an LLB Law degree from Portsmouth University. A recent addition to the TBOS family, Emma joined us in September 2016 and has helped to grow and develop the contractual services that we offer to our clients.

As Contracts Manager, Emma oversees our contracts department and supports all of our TBOS Freedom clients from the very first steps of a deal right through to the candidate starting on site. She handles all of the TBOS Freedom credit checks, prepares both the client and candidate contracts, manages any contractual amendments and ensures that any and all compliance for each placement is adhered to correctly. Emma has also pioneered our contracts service for our TBOS Complete clients and has started to perform reviews of client terms and creation/ updating of internal staff contracts where desired. She is our all around ‘Legal Eagle’ and our go to girl for any contractual/ legal queries.

After a week of being buried beneath contractual paperwork, Emma often likes to head back down to her hometown in Sussex, spending time catching up with old friends and relaxing on the beach. She’s also recently bought her first house with her fiancée, and has started to tackle various DIY projects (so we’re expecting her to make a trip to A and E any day now...) and seems to spend a lot of time in Home Furnishing stores.

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