How TBOS’ Recruitment Pay & Bill Solutions Can Benefit You

Recruitment businesses do what they do best when back-office tasks are kept simple. However, as they grow in scope and volume, so too do their payroll and billing requirements. And in the recruitment industry, delays and mistakes in payment and billing can be costly. They can expose your recruitment agency to compliance risks, and they can affect your growth and your reputation. With our TBOS Pay and Bill services, these requirements are dealt with promptly, efficiently, and professionally.

Here are the top six benefits of using our Pay and Bill solution:

1) Cuts In-House Back-Office Costs

By their very nature, Pay and Bill services remove some of the costs associated with running back-office processes in-house. Recruiting agencies that manage their own back-office must cover the cost of their extra office space, staff, equipment, furniture, and software, as well as overheads. With Pay and Bill services from TBOS, these hefty costs can be avoided.

What's more, savings can extend beyond the immediate cost figures. Our pay and bill services do away with wasteful data errors and duplications because TBOS software integrates seamlessly with your front office CRM systems. Our services minimise payment delays and they prevent reputational damage and loss of business.

2) Saves Time

The beauty of the TBOS pay and bill package is that everything runs seamlessly in the background, in real time, with very little human involvement from your team. As our software generates your sales invoices, matches them to timesheets, and delivers them to your clients electronically, you save time, speed up the invoicing process, and minimise the risk of human error.

By using TBOS pay and bill services, you can more easily identify missing timesheets from temps, compare split commissions by consultant, and analyse margins for each placement. You have the option to build your own reports and adapt your business practices accordingly. And thanks to our real-time reports, you enjoy full visibility across various aspects of the business simultaneously.

3) Reduces The Administrative Burden On Your Recruitment Consultants

When you outsource to TBOS Pay and Bill, you relieve the burden of back-office processing on your recruitment team, giving them more time to build relationships, source candidates, and make sales. TBOS software can present timesheets, expense reports, remittances, invoices, and payslips all together, saving valuable admin time. With user-friendly dashboards, you and other stakeholders can access data relevant to you, based on workers, clients, and placement records.

Moreover, our Pay and Bill service helps you comply with changing regulations. Using the latest software with built-in compliance modules and tools, TBOS reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance with employment and immigration law.

4) Improves Cash Flow

With accurate invoices generated promptly, TBOS cuts the ‘hungry gap’ between billing and payment, when your temps still need paying but your sums haven’t yet been received from your clients. Our proprietary software comes with a variety of capture options, such as paper entry, manual entry, and importing from Vendor Management Systems to streamline expense capturing.

Using cutting-edge software, we calculate PAYE and NI deductions, submit EPI returns to HMRC, generate payslips for temps, provide client reports, bill contractors, issue invoices for every timesheet, and forward the data to relevant finance providers. And we can also make bulk payroll payments via BACS or uploads files to your own payment software.

We make it easy for clients to approve your time allocation and expenses online, visibly improving your cash flow. We also make it easy for you to pay your workers on time and correctly, without fail. This includes PAYE work that comes with deductions, limited companies or umbrella workers who prefer self-bill invoices, and workers who require BACS payments.

5) Bespoke Service

TBOS Pay and Bill is a service package tailored to your requirements. We use a variety of ways to capture and approve timesheet and expense data. We use desktop and mobile user-friendly dashboards to import, upload, and submit files individually and in bulk and, through our reports, we give you a real-time window into your business performance and any specific challenges we could address together.

6) Exceptional Support

TBOS isn't about self-service; it's about support. We make it so that you, your consultants, your customers, temps, and other people with a vested interest can access payslips, sale bills, and real-time reports online, communicate and stay in the loop. But we also stand by with advice and expert information to better inform your decision-making. Whether it's worker compliance, margins, commission levels, onboarding, or payment queries, TBOS clients enjoy the undivided attention of our experienced, dedicated Pay and Bill team.

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With nearly half a century of combined experience in the recruitment industry, TBOS is the ideal choice for recruiters who can envision growth, have all the makings of a scalable company, but feel that the back-office admin burden is holding them back. Whatever the size of your recruitment business or your area of speciality, avail yourself of our advice and support, tap into our expertise and knowledge, and let TBOS support you through those all-important back-office processes.

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