How Our Back Office Support Can Help Your Recruitment Agency Come Out On Top

Many recruitment companies struggle to complete administrative duties without compromising their efforts on the client-facing side of their operations. A support team for these back-office tasks can handle essential administration, freeing the front-office team, to concentrate on their main roles. TBOS provides back-office solutions for recruitment agencies, covering credit control, invoicing, company registration and end-of-year accounts.

Although they stay out of the limelight, back-office workers play an important part in keeping companies afloat. These professionals work closely with front-office teams, communicating with them regularly to ensure that processes run smoothly. Typically, recruitment back-office employees are responsible for tasks that aren’t directly unrelated to revenue generation, such as:

  • Financial accounting/management.
  • Database administration.
  • Tax payment procedures for companies.
  • Managing human resources.
  • Digital content creation.
  • Managing customer orders.
  • Developing computer systems.
  • Technical troubleshooting.

It is common practice for companies to outsource departments like Human Resources, IT, Finance, Accounting, Sales and Marketing. By doing this, companies can lower their overheads while receiving outstanding services that support their goals. Here are the four key benefits of back-office support teams:

1) They Make Businesses More Productive

Back-office staff focus on time-consuming tasks that would otherwise bog down the front-office team. Keeping on top of their workload enables recruitment consultants to be enterprising and enhance their performance overall.

2) They Are The Cornerstone Of a Business

Back-office employees organise private information, deal with operational processes, and are responsible for vital elements like payroll, accounts payable, and other aspects that facilitate uninterrupted workflow.

3) They Help Businesses To Expand

It can be expensive and challenging to scale an in-house team. By outsourcing tasks to a reputable back-office support team, businesses can reduce costs - without sacrificing the quality of their services.

4) They Keep Data Secure

Sensitive data is organised, secured, and managed in one place by the back-office support team. The recruitment industry is strongly regulated, so it is important to comply with all relevant employment laws. The 1973 Employment Agencies Act is the primary piece of legislation that governs the recruitment industry. It covers, amongst other things, the legal and background checks you must perform on candidates, and what data you can reveal to candidates and clients. Managing data in huge quantities can be daunting, however, back-office personnel are trained to do this and help organisations become more streamlined.

It is never easy to manage a recruitment business, even if it is a small enterprise. Completing cumbersome tasks like data management, while attempting to maximize sales, is beyond the capabilities of many workforces. Enlisting the help of an expert team, such as TBOS, to handle these duties is the key to business expansion. This will improve the performance of front-office staff by allowing them to generate more revenue.

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For over ten years, TBOS has provided recruitment back-office services to established agencies and start-ups alike. Contact our team today to find out more.

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